Welcome to the new Tory Daily app — we’re launching on a blue note. This week we are featuring all forms of blue — from sculptures to surfers to summer table settings to street style. Here, Tory's take on why she loves this forever-classic color.

Why do you love blue?

It's a cool color, literally. I have so many great associations with it — Yves Klein, one of my favorite artists; blue-and-white pottery and ceramics; blue hydrangeas — even blues music. They're all things I love.

Why blue right now?

Blue has been a constant topic of conversation around the office lately. Our new collection is full of navy and different shades of blue. It's always been one of my favorites. It's an alternative to black.

What colors work best with blue?

For summer, it looks crisp against white; in fall, it's great against black. I see navy as a neutral and pair it with brights (red, orange, yellow or teal), pastels (pink, cream or mint), metals (warm golds or cool silvers) and browns (camel and snakeskin). I also love blue against other shades of blue.

What's your favorite print?

I can't pick just one. Geometrics, florals, stripes... I love them all, and blue makes the perfect background or accent color for them.

Does it look good on everyone?

Yes. Blue — especially navy — is universally flattering. It always looks of-the-moment.

Where is the blue wall in this photo?

Marrakech, a city full of blues: Majorelle, navy, aqua, cerulean...