By Eugene Souleiman

The Inspiration
There's a slight nod to the Art Nouveau movement. We took the embellishment and curls from Gustav Klimt, but did something that has a more modern feel to it. Otherwise it looks very period. We're not really in an HBO-romantic-series kind of world, are we? We're in New York.

The Look
We're creating this soft and beautiful almost-bun — kind of where a bob meets a twist meets a bun. What I love about this is that it's one continuous movement; it isn't sectioned off. I think there's a very light, almost ethereal texture to Tory's clothes and I try to mimic that. It's the feeling of freshness and lightness with something more structured.

How to Get It
Spread a saline-based product at the roots of the hair, which takes the moisture out a little bit and allows it to become almost like static. It brings out the kind of imperfections that are really very beautiful. Then do a very low part, tease the underneath and roll it under. Turn the bun and pin it. There's a structure to it, but it's done in a very spontaneous way.

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