Blogger-photographer extraordinaire, Garance Doré is a Fashion Week pro. Here, her insider’s guide on where to go, what to wear and how calling mom makes it all better.

What will you be wearing?

I have no idea. I am terrible at planning, and at packing, and even at shopping. I will probably shop like a crazy person two days before fashion week starts.

What’s on your feet?

Heels. What's in my purse? Flats.

What’s in your bag?

Lip gloss (never use it), notebook (never use it) and fashion shows schedule (always lose it). That's why my iPhone is my best friend. And that's why it's not in my bag. It's in my hand, always.

Survival weapon:

My iPhone

Indispensable beauty product:

Sunscreen, because I spend a lot of time outside.

Required reading:


Mode of transportation:

Everyone of them, from bike to driver.

Most coveted show invite:

Marc Jacobs and Victoria Beckham.

And party invite:

I don't do a lot of parties but I love the easy atmosphere at Alexander Wang's.

Where you eat:

Breakfast: At home! I like to make my french toast while getting the news on my computer.
Lunch: Gemma, on Bowery. I'll have a light carpaccio.
Dinner: A totally non-fashion place in order to relax, like Rocking Horse, a delicious Mexican place.

How will you relax?

I either go straight to Isabella Bellis, a French facial genius. Or down my block to Iris Nail Spa. It's cheap, fast and you don't need an appointment.

Non-fashion Distraction:

Calling my mother always centers me. She has these hilarious thoughts about fashion, like ‘Have you ever thought about where these models are going walking like that on the runway?’