The breast cancer-survivor, former model and M.D. walks us through a typical day at the Dubin Breast Center at Mount Sinai.

7:15 AM

Wake up and have strong coffee and toasted mana bread while reading NY Times on my terrace.

8:00 AM

Conference call with the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. Discussing collaboration in breast cancer research.

9:30 AM

Call with Gretchen McGarry regarding the Dubin Breast Center Gala in December.

10:30 AM

Jump on to my kick scooter, travel up to the Dubin Breast Center for a meeting with Jennifer Ashton, our masseuse, to discuss expanding our massage program.

12:00 PM

Meeting with Melissa Bellino, Dubin Breast Center office manager, to go over new carpets in the waiting rooms.

12:30 PM

Walk in the park, right outside the Center, while returning morning phone calls.

1:30 PM

Lunch in the Dubin Breast Center: home-made granola, kefir and a huge salad with tons of nuts, dried fruit, lentils and grilled vegetables.

2:00 PM

Meet with Dr. Elisa Port and Dr. Kerin Adelson to discuss a new clinical trial we are planning to start.

3:30 PM

Give a tour of the Dubin Breast Center to a group of women from Connecticut.

4:00 PM

Leave to go out to Randall’s Island to see my 17 year old daughter play varsity soccer for Trinity School.

7:00 PM

Family dinner at home

9:00 PM

Catch up on emails and prepare for tomorrow.

10:00 PM

Together with my husband, try to get all three kids to bed.

10:15 PM

Quick work out at David Barton Gym.

11:30 PM

Bed time