Thomas and Tiffany Campbell are known for creating surf films that inspire even the most committed land-lovers. And they pay as much detail to layering in the perfect songs as they do finding the perfect wave. Thomas, also a fine artist, explores surf and skate culture, while Tiffany has focused on wave-riding women in Dear & Yonder.

What inspires you about surfing?

Thomas: Sliding across water.
Tiffany: No two waves exactly the same. The beauty of the ocean environment, the community of surfers, the history of the sport, the diversity of ways to experience surfing, the physics. I could go on…

How do you pick the music for your films?

Thomas: It’s anything that I love and that has a directional movement, like surfing. I am a glutton for new music, so I am always searching and filing away tracks for later use. Mostly, music gets me excited to make art — my favorite band for the last three years is Girls.

Favorite surf spot?

Thomas: Sano [San Onofre, California].
Tiffany: Noosa Heads in Queensland, Australia, or 2nd peak Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz.

Best hidden surf spot?

Thomas: Ummm, can't tell you.

What are you working on right now?

Thomas: A movie based around my friend Javier Mendizabal, who is an amazing Spanish skateboarder. I’m also working on a series of photographic books based on different topics in surfing. I started my own press called Um Yeah Press.

What are you listening to right now?

Thomas: The rain.
Tiffany: New artist Alexi Glickman — on my husband's label Galaxia.